Plasma cutting machine "Aero" with CNC,
with pneumatic axis Z
The Aero plasma cutting machine is designed for figured plasma cutting of thin sheet metal up to 3 mm thick and up to 1.5x3 meters in size inclusive.
The main group of consumers of this type of equipment are companies engaged in the manufacture of ventilation and air conditioning systems.
Along the Z axis, the machine has a pneumatic drive. The holder of the plasma torch is equipped with a plate with balls that roll on the surface of the sheet. This design provides a constant gap between the plasma torch nozzle and the sheet, which makes it possible to abandon the tracking system.
Also, the machine is equipped with a slotted exhaust bath, combined with a portal. This allows you to reduce the power of the exhaust fan.
The machine complies with GOST 5614-74 "Machines for thermal cutting of metals. Types, main parameters and dimensions".
Noise-immune CNC allows the use of various types of plasma cutting machines - both with contact (pneumatic) ignition of the pilot arc, and with oscillatory ignition.

Plasma cutting machine "Aero" with CNC, pneumatic axis Z
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Features of the development of a plasma cutting machine with pneumatic axis Z

During development, the main requirements for the machine were simplicity, reliability, unpretentiousness and low manufacturing cost.
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