Thermal machine "Jupiter-2" with CNC, with two calipers for plasma and flame cutting
Thermal cutting machine "Jupiter-2 Combi" with CNC is designed for curly plasma and gas (oxygen) cutting of metal up to 150 mm thick and up to 2x8 meters in size inclusive.
The machine has two calipers - leading plasma and driven gas and is made according to the classical scheme - the rail track is separated from the table for laying the sheet.
Thermal cutting machine "Jupiter-2 Combi" complies with GOST 5614-74 "Machines for thermal cutting of metals. Types, main parameters and dimensions".
Noise-immune CNC allows the use of various types of plasma cutting machines - both with contact (pneumatic) ignition of the pilot arc, and with oscillatory ignition.

Thermal cutting machine "Jupiter-2 Combi" with CNC
About Engineering
Engineering Date
Engineering Status
Completed, made in metal
Engineering Customer
LLC "Machine-building company "NEVA", St. Petersburg

Features of the development of double-support industrial-grade thermal cutting machines

3D modeling was carried out by design engineer Besaev Zaurbek, I developed the basic concept of the machine and most of the units, developed some of the units and supervised the overall development.
During development, the main requirements for the machine were simplicity, reliability, unpretentiousness and low manufacturing cost.
These requirements have been met.
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