CNC Plasma Pipe Cutters
Pipe (profile) rotation modules and CNC pipe cutters (profile cutters) began to be developed after "ASTERCUT" LLC (Russia) received an order for the modernization of a plasma cutting machine.
A module for rotating a round tube with a diameter of up to 400 mm was developed and implemented in metal, the rotation of which was electronically synchronized with the movement of the portal of the plasma cutting machine.

Round Tube Rotation Module for Plasma Cutting Machine
Installed in Nizhny Tagil (Russia) as part of the modernization of the KOIKE plasma cutting machine
About Engineering
Engineering Date
Engineering Status
Completed, made in metal
Engineering Customer
LLC "ASTERCUT", St. Petersburg, Russia

Features of the development of pipe cutters

In the process of studying the issue of pipe cutters, the idea arose to develop a through-hole chuck for a pipe cutter with diameters of clamped pipes from 50 to 820 mm, which was implemented as a separate development.
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