Contact welding machine "MTD-1901" with CNC
The "MTD-1901" CNC contact welding machine is an analogue of the CEMSA "Roof" machine (Italy) and was developed by me in collaboration with the General Director and Chief Designer of A.R.S.M. Shishmakov Igor Alekseevich

Contact welding machine "MTD-1901" with CNC
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Engineering Date
Engineering Status
Completed by 99%. Awaits its investor and execution in metal
Engineering Customer
Joint initiative development of "ASTERCUT" LLC and "A.R.S.M." LLC

Features of the development of a CNC resistance welding machine

When developing the machine, the task was to repeat the CEMSA Roof machine, but with improvements - the installation of the CNC system, with the ability to work both in automatic mode (according to the program embedded in the CNC) and in manual mode.
These tasks have been completed.
The machine was developed in a 3D model, electrical circuit diagrams and pneumatic diagrams were developed.

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