Mobile folding car sofa "DiMAVS" (similar to car sofas "Riviera")
In 2016-2017, on the instructions of the Customer, I developed a series of mobile car sofas, as well as several options for rail systems for them.
Designed two-, three-, and four-seat sofas, as well as a mobile chair.
The backs of sofas and armchairs can recline to any angle convenient for the passenger, up to 180 degrees, which allows them to be used as sleeping places.
Unlike the Riviera car sofas of the 2016-2017 model, the sofas I developed have the backrest of the extreme passenger seat leaning forward, which provides more convenience when passing to the rear passenger seats.

3-seater car sofa "DIMAVS"
Mobile folding car sofa, analogue of "Riviera" (N.Novgorod, Russia). Moves along the rail track, with fixation.
About Engineering
Engineering Date
Engineering Status
Completed, made in metal
Engineering Customer
LLC "MA Center", Fryazino, Russia

Features of the development of a car sofa, folding and mobile

During the development by the Customer, I was given the following tasks and requirements:
  1. manufacturability;
  2. reliability (products were subject to certification through NAMI);
  3. leaning forward extreme back;
  4. development of our own rail system of a lower profile than that of the "Riviera" (to reduce the consumption of floor materials during the installation of rails);
  5. the possibility of installation both on the rail system of our own design, and on the rail system "Riviera";
  6. modularity of PPU-backs and seats (possibility of gluing backs and seats of different total length from two to three main modules;
  7. development of manufacturing technology for metal structures of sofas;
  8. development of technology for the manufacture of polyurethane foam elements;
  9. development of technology for the manufacture of overhead plastic elements.
All these tasks and requirements were met.
Comparative characteristics of the resulting development
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