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  • equipment and machine tools, including CNC;
  • technological equipment;
  • equipment for various purposes;
  • hardware

About me

My name is Alexander Korniltsev.
I consider it my calling to invent and create something new, to improve the known. For me, designing, the process of creation is life.
I am a supporter of functional minimalism, expressed in the saying “the Germans make five parts to perform one function, the Russians make one part to perform five functions” (Shawn Beckett about the PPS-43 submachine gun).
Depending on the complexity and urgency of the tasks, sometimes not only I am involved in the product development process, but also my colleagues and associates, whom I involve to solve certain problems, develop highly specialized units, schemes. That's why I called the site "Design Bureau of Alexander Korniltsev"
You can see some of my developments in my portfolio.

What range of problems can I solve

products "from scratch" or continuation of someone's development
of equipment using modern solutions
of equipment, mechanisms for new tasks
of equipment, products, assemblies, parts

My portfolio

Check out some of my work and let's start mutually beneficial cooperation :)

Engineering video

You can learn more about the work of some of the developed products or the development process on the YouTube channel "Design Bureau of Alexander Korniltsev" or below

Выполнение работ

As part of the above tasks, I can offer you the execution of the following works
Development of concept models and 3D-models
  • Development of concept models
  • Development of 3D models in accordance with the customer's requirements
  • Selection of components and their suppliers
Development of electrical and pneumatic circuits
  • Development of block diagrams
  • Development of electrical circuit diagrams
  • Development of pneumatic schemes
Development of design documentation
  • Development of documentation for your own 3D modelsм
  • Development of documentation for 3D models of the Customer
Development of operational documentation
  • Development of product passports and forms
  • Development of operating instructions
  • Development of installation instructions
  • Development of operator's manuals

How we are working

Statement of the problem, preparation of technical specifications
In the process of communication with the Customer, I find out what problem he wants to solve, with what input data and with what final result. Based on these data, I draw up a draft technical assignment (TOR) and coordinate it with the Customer. In this case, several approvals are possible, since the TOR is the basis for further design.
Conclusion of a contract for the provision of service
After the Customer agrees on the final version of the TOR, an agreement is concluded between me, as a self-employed person, and the Customer. The contract specifies all the important conditions - technical specifications and expected results, cost and stages of work, payment terms, aspects of intellectual property for the results of development and their use, and other conditions.
Development of a draft design
After agreeing on the terms of reference and concluding a contract, I proceed to the development of a preliminary design, taking into account the tasks set and the production, technological or financial capabilities of the Customer. After the development of the ES, I coordinate the details with the Customer, make, if necessary, changes to the ES and proceed to the development of a technical project (TP).
Development of a technical project (TP) and documentation
When developing the TP, all comments and wishes issued by the Customer when agreeing on the draft design, as well as the technological and production capabilities or limitations of the Customer (executor) and the qualifications of its production personnel are taken into account. To do this, in the process of developing a TP, my colleagues and I try to maintain close contact with the Customer and his representatives.
When developing TP, a wide range of ready-made components, including imported ones, is used.
Also, if necessary, research and development work is carried out, new manufacturing technologies are being developed.
During the development of TP, technological recommendations for the manufacture of the product (solution of the problem) are developed in parallel.
In the process of developing technical specifications and documentation, I can involve colleagues from completely different areas of industry and production.
Working design documentation and operational documentation are developed in accordance with standards.
Delivery of work
  • Upon completion of work, the Customer is transferred:
  • 3D models in *.iges or *.step format;
  • design documentation in *.pdf format;
  • operational documentation in *.doc format;
Author's supervision
If necessary, I personally or my colleagues involved in the development participate in the assembly of the developed product. I also carry out architectural supervision of the manufacture of the product.

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