CNC Plasma Cutting Machine 2x6 meters
CNC Plasma Cutting Machine AutocutPro-LSLPP.6020 is designed for figured plasma cutting of metal up to 50 mm thick and up to 2x6 meters in size inclusive.
The machine has an elongated gantry beam for using a module for rotating a round or ptofile pipe, which, in the presence of such a module, turns the machine into a full-fledged pipe cutter.
The machine complies with Russian standart GOST 5614-74 "Machines for thermal cutting of metals. Types, main parameters and dimensions".
Noise-immune CNC allows the use of various types of plasma cutting machines - both with contact (pneumatic) ignition of the pilot arc, and with oscillatory ignition.

Plasma cutting machine AutocutPro-LSLPP
About Engineering
Engineering Date
Engineering Status
Completed, made in metal
Engineering Customer
"AutocutPro" LLC, St. Petersburg, Russia

Plasma Cutting Machine AutocutPro Features Of the Development

I took the KOIKE ARANSON plasma cutting machine as a conceptual basis, namely the very technical solution for the method of moving the caliper and portal and the general layout.
The main requirements for the machine were simplicity, reliability, maintainability and low manufacturing cost.
During the development process, these requirements were met - the machine turned out to be inexpensive, quite simple, unpretentious and technologically advanced in manufacturing.
The drives of the X and Y axes are step drives, but servo drives with gearboxes can also be installed.
The main characteristics of the resulting engineering
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